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In 1999, a vision of using film studies as a catalyst for teaching creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, gave birth to the ZOOM Film Festival in a Mulgrave School classroom. Recognised today as one of the province’s most popular student film competitions, what started as a North Shore festival with ten entries now consistently garners over 75 entries a year from secondary school students across all of BC. To date, the festival has awarded over $500,000 in cash prizes and scholarships thanks to the support of sponsors like Vancouver Film School, New Image College, Young Moviemakers, SchoolCreative, Lorne Lapham and many others.


A changing panel of nine BC film industry professionals, including actors, cinematographers, editors and visual effects artists nominate a selection of films and vote on final winners based on a variety of categories, including Best Overall, Best Technical, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, etc. All films nominated are announced on the website and all ZOOM filmmakers are invited to celebrate their accomplishments at the annual ZOOM Awards Night hosted at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver.

Image by Maxim Medvedev
Man Looking at Fog
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