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ZOOM Film Festival would not be able to run without the generous contributions from sponsors. The support, awards, equipment and training provided by sponsors is what makes the ZOOM 48-Hour Student Film Festival one of best festivals in British Columbia!


Mulgrave School has been the host and sponsor of the ZOOM Festival for over 17 years. By inspiring excellence – the continuous pursuit of personal best - in education and life, Mulgrave strives to equip lifelong learners to thrive in a culturally diverse and interdependent world and to embrace, with passion and confidence, their responsibility always to do their best to support others and to make a difference by serving their communities, both locally and in the world at large.

Vancouver Film School is proud to be a longtime supporter of the ZOOM  Film Festival and is committed to fostering and supporting young filmmaking talent at a high school level. To help celebrate our partnership, VFS will be offering 3-Excellence in Craft awards. These rewards will provide the recipients with a total of $100,000 in tuition reduction. VFS offers 13 world-class, post-secondary programs—spanning every aspect of the entertainment arts—and that are developed and taught by award-winning industry professionals. Each program’s intensive curriculum evolves along with the demands of the industry, and the best, current industry practices.

New Image College is one of Vancouver's premier Trade Arts Institutions. Since its inception in 1980, New Image College has been actively involved and passionate about participating in community events and trade shows. In the last two years, the Film Acting Conservatory program has produced countless award winning actors including five Leo nominations, two Union of BC Peformer's Best Actor nominations and a Kevin Spacey Artist of Choice award.

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Young Moviemakers has been a sponsor since 2015. Young Moviemakers is an award-winning acting and video production program for children and youth ages 5-17. Participants learn the importance of visual storytelling, scriptwriting, acting, editing and more, through the creation and production of a short film. Young Moviemakers' aim to create an interactive, youth-driven community through our hands-on workshops surrounding the media arts.

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Stephanie Halber is a firm believer in providing young actors with the tools to be independent artists, to be flexible in taking direction, making strong choices with their material, and working in a safe environment that enables students to take creative risks and have fun. She custom tailors all sessions to adapt to each individual actors learning style while meeting the professional demands that are expected in audition rooms and on set. Her focus is on building a strong sense of confidence and self-awareness in her students to give them the foundation they need to develop their performances and build careers. 

WriterJump believes that a good story well-told is central to any great film, book, or podcast. Writer-Producer Paul Donnett has been training and coaching award-winning writers, filmmakers and content creators for over a decade, helping them pitch to Netflix and Nickelodeon, and preparing high school students for careers and post-secondary pathways in film and media production. Before launching WriterJump, Paul taught at Langara College, Vancouver Film School, Vancouver Acting School, and Story Institute. Have a good story idea? Let Paul help you turn it into a great one!  

Welcome to Humble Motion Pictures! Immerse yourself in the world of Punjabi cinema with our latest blockbuster movies, foot-tapping songs, and much more. Stay tuned for a perfect blend of entertainment and emotions that will leave you wanting more.

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